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Weather Report
Japanese Name ウェザー・リポート
English Name Weather Forecast (All Star Battle English Localization)
User Weather Report
Emporio Alnino (temporarily)
Namesake Weather Report (Jazz Band)
Gender Male
Manga Debut Vol. 68 Ch. 634
Savage Garden Strategy (Head for the Courtyard!) (1)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range C
Durability A
Precision E
Developmental Potential A

Weather Report (ウェザー・リポート Wezā Ripōto?) is the Stand of Weather Report, featured in Part VI: Stone Ocean.

This Stand is affiliated with Heavy Weather; another Stand or Stand ability belonging to Weather Report.


This Stand often takes the form of a humanoid mass of clouds with four eyes and a slender build.


Weather Report shows no particular personality, but evidences a greater degree of care for its user (like Star Platinum does Jotaro) when, historically, it effortlessly saves its user from committing suicide time and again.

It appears that it retains some of its user's will at its final individual opportunity to confront Enrico Pucci.


Weather Report is a versatile Stand possessing a great degree of control over the weather.

Vapor form: Weather Report can quickly formulate vapors to stop or distort enemies attacks, rivaling Star Platinum's speed in bullet-catching. Attacking through the clouds can cause enemies to ignite due to the air resistance. It can also fill a room with highly-concentrated oxygen to poison its enemies lethally.

Weather Control: Weather Report's namesake ability, from generating lightning, manipulating wind currents, and even the tides of the sea. Weather Report can also bring otherwise unlikely elements of the weather to rain down on enemies. In such a case, he used poisonous frogs to protect Jolyne Cujoh against Enrico Pucci.

Elemental Control: Being related with weather related phenomena, Weather Report's abilities also extend to manipulation of water, wind, electricity, and even the cold, as well as other elemental phenomena, and in turn separate from each other, being able to freeze liquids to their frozen state to even condensing water into various spaces which would be impossible without supernatural or paranormal causes.

Oxygen Build-Up: Lastly, Weather Report can fill a room completely full with oxygen, paralyzing an opponent indefinitely or intoxicating them with the lethal level of pure oxygen.


  • Weather Report is the only Stand used by two people on separate occasions: Weather Report and Emporio Alnino (Anubis was used by more than two people while searching out a user).
  • Weather Report is named after the Jazz Fusion group Weather Report, just like Heavy Weather comes from one of their most popular albums.



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