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There is nothing that can move in the cryogenic world. I can freeze anything in the universe!


White Album (ホワイト・アルバム Howaito Arubamu?) is the Stand of Ghiaccio, featured in Vento Aureo.


White Album takes the form of a light-colored suit, covering nearly all of Ghiaccio's body; the only unprotected area is a small opening at the back of his neck allowing air flow.

Its head bears two short cones, positioned somewhat like cat ears. It has a spiral at its forehead, which along with its cheeks pushes a clear visor into a Y-shaped fork, showing only Ghiaccio's eyes, nose and mouth.

Its feet stand on long blades, in the style of ice skates (or speed skates).


White Album is almost unique among Stands in that it is shown as a functional ability instead of a separate and individual manifestation or form.

  • Temperature Control: White Album allows the user to rapidly decrease the temperature within its range. The user does not have to be directly touching an object, as it can rapidly cool the air around it. White Album can also instantly melt anything it has frozen.
    • White Album Gently Weeps: White Album can decrease the temperature to almost absolute zero, where the air instantly freezes into ice. With this ability, Ghiaccio is able to create floating sheets of ice that are able to reflect bullets as the frozen air forms a barrier around the user.
  • Ice Armor: White Album initially takes the form of a sheet of ice over the user's body, but can be reshaped into a thick armor with ice skates. The armor is invulnerable to bullets as it stops their movements long before it fully penetrates. Since it doesn't have an actual manifestation, the only way to defeat it is by killing the user. The only opening in the armor is on the back of the user's neck, making it the Stand's greatest weak spot. Like an igloo, the inside of the armor is kept insulated, meaning the user is always warm. Because of this, when the temperature outside is cold enough, air naturally coming into the suit instantly becomes a gas again, allowing the user to close the opening on its neck.
  • Running Speed: While wearing his Stand, Ghiaccio can skate so fast he's easily able to reach a car, running at 80 km/h.



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