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Wired (ワイアード Waiādo?) is the Stand of Pork Pie Hat Kid, featured in Steel Ball Run.


Wired takes the form of a crank and two hooked cables inside the user, Pork Pie Hat Kid's mouth. When they're not active, Wired's hooks rest on Pork Pie Hat Kid's tongue.


Like-object inter-dimensional travel: The Stand's hooks are strong enough to lift a full-grown man and even a horse, and can travel through a pocket dimension via a pan of water. By dropping the cables into an object in the water, it can come out of the same kind of object far away from the user (i.e. if he uses a feather as a medium, the cable can appear from any feather within Wired's range). The user can also peer through the water to observe where the enemy is. Due to the strength of the cables, Wired is also effective in close combat.


  • "Wired" shares its reference with Wired Beck's namesake.
  • The ability of Wired is similar to that of Pesci's Beach Boy due to it being objects (wires, fishing hook) being able to pass through objects.



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