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Thunder McQueen
Japanese Name サンダー・マックイイーン
Romanized Name Sandā Makkuiīn
Namesake Alexander McQueen[citation needed] (British Fashion designer)
Stand Highway to Hell
Prisoner Number MA57258[1]
Age 27[1]
Gender Male
Height 181 cm[1]
Occupation Presumably a Janitor
Manga Debut SO Chapter 21
Ermes' Sticker (1)
Final Appearance SO Chapter 25
Ermes' Sticker (5)
The character featured in this article is commonly referred to as "Xander McQueen".
I feel like dying.

—Thunder McQueen

Thunder McQueen (サンダー・マックイイーン Sandā Makkuiīn?) is a minor antagonist appearing in Stone Ocean.

Thunder is a suicidal prisoner working as a janitor, who was presumably given his Stand by Enrico Pucci via a Stand disc.


Thunder is a man of average to above-average height and medium build. An "M" shape appears across the right side of his forehead.

He wears fuzzy pants and a short sleeved shirt with a tag saying "EDWN" on the front of the collar.


McQueen is suicidal, suffering from a personality disorder resulting from depression. He mentions that he goes to confession to make himself feel better.

McQueen develops a distorted, simple and one-sided relationship with Ermes Costello during their confrontation.


Main article: Highway to Hell

Thunder's Stand, apparently lent him via a Stand disc, is able to transfer to at least one target the effects on him of his attempts at suicide.



McQueen is in prison for having shot a woman, which he claims was a freak accident when he picked up a gun to clean it and it went off at the same moment the woman fell past his window while attempting suicide by jumping from the 11th floor of his building.

Stone Ocean

McQueen first appears as a janitor reaching up Ermes Costello's skirt to steal her money. She takes his memory disc away after it comes out of his head when she tries to get her money back. Ermes finds McQueen attempting to kill himself by means of hanging and attempted drowning which puts her in the same physical situation due to Highway to Hell's powers, forcing her to help him. Ermes unsuccessfully tries to talk him out of suicide by speaking words of encouragement and even offering to give him her panties, which fails to make him want to live but sparks his desire to kill them both together.[citation needed]

McQueen commits suicide by electrocution as Ermes places a sticker on his head, severing his head before the electricity could do any more fatal damage to her. Eventually, she defeats him by using Kiss to split his head in two, knocking his Stand disc out when it goes back together. He isn't seen again, but Ermes says to Jolyne Cujoh, that she put McQueen's memory disk back inside him to revive him, albeit Standless.


  • Despite having his memory disc taken away, he's still able to remember the details of his arrest, unlike Weather Report, who could not remember anything from before being in the prison.
  • Despite being resurrected by Ermes via getting his memory disk again, it is assumed that he probably killed himself some time later.
  • In a strange twist of life imitating art, McQueen's namesake, fashion designer Alexander McQueen actually did commit suicide in 2010. Hermès International, S.A. was unaffected.


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