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Kira's Stand is Killer Queen, a humanoid, short-range Stand with the unique ability to cleanly and completely obliterate objects with targeted explosions. This ability takes three forms that Kira names Bomb #1, #2, and #3.

  • Bomb#1 (Bomb transmutation): By touch, Killer Queen may charge any object with explosive energy that is transferred into the first person to touch it. The Stand can then detonate the energy with a gesture, creating explosions of variable size and power.
  • Bomb#2 (Sheer Heart Attack): An autonomous entity that detaches from the Stand's left hand. It tracks and destroy targets by infrared homing.
  • Bomb#3 (Bites the Dust): Developed with the touch of the Arrow, this ability is a booby trap that, when triggered, permits Kira to loop time, resetting for up to one hour in order to outmaneuver attempts to investigate him.

Air Bomb Transmutation ("Stray Cat")

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Killer Queen Air Bomb

Killer Queen changes an air bubble into a primary bomb

After developing Bomb #3, Kira keeps Stray Cat in Killer Queen's abdomen. With Killer Queen's Primary Bomb charging Stray Cat's condensed air bubbles, Kira may create invisible, speedy air bombs (空気弾 Kūki-dan) to use as projectiles. Although he cannot see these bombs, he is skilled in determining their trajectory using basic mathematical skills.

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