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The Zeppeli family is a recurring Italian family first seen in Part I: Phantom Blood. They continue to act as companions to the Joestar protagonist. In the Steel Ball Run universe Part VII: Steel Ball Run, Gyro Zeppeli is introduced as the deuteragonist for the story.

The 3 Main Zeppelis
BaronZepelliAv CaesarMangaAv GyroAv
William Anthonio Zeppeli Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Julius Caesar Zeppeli


  • The Zeppeli Family practices supernatural martial arts and crafts separated from Stand power, unlike the Joestar Family. In the first universe they are proficient in the art of the Ripple, and in the Steel Ball Run universe, they practice the art of the Spin.
  • It is a recurring theme that a Zeppeli will sacrifice themselves to further their cause, usually while directly assisting a Joestar by giving them their power and knowledge.

Family tree

 Will A. Zeppeli's Father --+--Unnamed Woman                    
             Will A. Zeppeli--+--Unnamed Woman             
                                    Mario Zeppeli--+--Unnamed Woman
                                    |                               |
                    Four unnamed siblings       Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli

Steel Ball Run universe: 

Gregorio Zeppeli--+--Mrs. Zeppeli
            |           |
   Gyro Zeppeli   Four unnamed brothers



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